Bicycle Friendly Businesses Program

Cyclists support businesses. You can make your business bike friendly and be further supported by cyclists.

Why? (from our friends at The League of American Bicyclists)

When bicycling is infused in an office or corporate culture, great things happen. People who are encouraged to commute by bike, run errands by bike, take a spin at lunchtime or bike to their leisure time perform better their jobs because they are energized and alert.

Studies have shown that people who lead an active lifestyle have significalnty lower costs for health care. Since employers typically pay a significant portion of health care costs, it benefits employers and the employees to pormote healthy living. A healthy workforce also reduces the rate of absenteeism.

Businesses that promote bicycling are recognized for being green and socially responsible. They are conscious of their carbon gootprin, aware of their impact onthe environment, and are willing to thinkg and act creatively in order to improve the quality of life for employees, their families and the greater community. A Bicycle Friendly Business attracts and retains employees, becasue people want tobe part of a positive environment

The Bicycle Friendly Business program also provides technical assistance on how to become more bicycle friendly. The program offers great resources to help improve a business’s bicycling accessibility, promotion and awareness within the workplace